April 4, 2014 - What is all of this hype about detoxification? Why have so many people become interested in this concept and do we really need to actively detox? How does one lose weight during detoxing? We recently had a Detox seminar at our center and I will present some important points discussed. First, I will start with some background. In my medical school training, the concept of detoxification was taught in a very scientific way. We systematically learned about organs which cl [...]

April 21, 2014 - Why do I love CCF tea? I love this tea because many goals are met by sipping on this powerful tea daily.The truth is, we are all in desperate need to accomplish certain goals. Stay hydrated by drinking ½ your body weight water daily. If you weigh 140lbs, this would be 70 ounces of water (or liquids that are NOT dehydrating like alcohol or coffee, daily) This fundamental principle is often overlooked by many. Why? We are often so busy taking care of others [...]