October 6, 2014 - Why do we suffer? After treating patients with migraines for over a decade, I have concluded that pain has a purpose. Those who experience pain, especially from migraine headaches, are actually being given a lesson. If this lesson can be mastered, then the purpose of living will become all the more clear, leading to greater happiness and wisdom.Migraine headaches, as classified by the World Health Organization, have been determined to be one of the most disabling condit [...]

October 24, 2014 - As a neurologist who specializes in chronic migraines, some of my patients struggle for decades before they come to see me. They’re often surprised when I zero in on their diet. I personally didn’t give food allergies much thought, until a fateful run-in with a former patient and her mother. It sparked my curiosity when they told me that eliminating gluten was the missing link in her treatment plan.  I decided to experiment a little myself, and the resu [...]