How to Understand Your Dosha - Interpreting the Quiz Results

March 24, 2014  | 

Understanding your Dosha type is the most important thing you can do to find balance of your mind and body...ultimately leading you to happiness and fulfillment in life!

If you have taken the quiz (found on my website) then you are ready to delve into it and understand it. With your results, you may need more guidance on how to start creating balance.

First, you may have found out you have two or three dosha types that scored "high". This could mean that you are bi-doshic or tri-doshic. If only one dosha scored high after taking the quiz, then you have one predominant dosha.

Second, are you in balance? The reality is that MOST OF US are not imbalance. Do not worry as that is the norm! We live a life that is fast paced, high tech world and, often, are enticed by foods that are not the best choices for us. IF you have any symptoms, the key is to figure out your Vikruti (imbalanced dosha) and get back into balance with your Prakruti (your balanced dosha)

Take some time with your results. Read online, look at the information on this website, and ask friends and family what they think you are. The best person to ask is your mother or father, or even your siblings, who have known you from birth. Ask them when you were best in harmony. Better yet, ask yourself when you were best in harmony. When did you sleep, digest, work and play in the most optimal state? That is your true doshic (prakruti) state. If you are having symptoms, which dosha does that correlate with? The segment I did with Dr. Oz ("Ayurvedic Solutions to your Biggest Health Complaints" aired 1/7/14) will give you and idea.
If there is a specific dosha that is your trouble area, work there first. If you want to work a couple of doshas, if they came out high on the quiz, start a couple of protocols that are followed by a physician or practitioner open or versed to ayurvedic medicine and natural healing.

For example, let’s say you scored high with two doshas. If the quiz results showed Vata and Pitta to be the main dominant doshas, then you need to understand if your Vata and Pitta states are in balance or in harmony. Scoring high could mean you naturally have a lot of those tendencies. If those tendencies are balanced, not need to treat. If there is imbalance, consider treatment.
If you are a driven type that is goal oriented and quick to make decisions, that describes your Pitta state. If this is a state that is in balance, meaning you are not too driven (to a point that I make other walk on egg shells or have unrealistic demands of yourself and others) and not hasty with your decisions, your Pitta dosha may be high, but in balance. Once that Pitta fire goes out of balance, for example you start getting hot-headed, irritable, demanding, reflux, etc, then you need to think about bringing it back into balance. Use the same approach for you Vata state. If you have always been a fast talker and walker, and this is your nature, that may be your balanced dosha. If you start talking too much or too fast, moving so much that you find yourself unable to sit still and find quiet, and your mind starts racing or spinning, or you start getting headaches in the back of your head or neck, this means your Vata state is getting out of balance. Simply starting with the Cumin Coriander and Fennel tea (Organic CCF tea) for the dosha that is out of balance is a great simple way to begin creating harmony in that dosha. Yoga for the Dosha is another easy way to start. Adding herbals and nutrients can be done, also. These products are generally safe, but we do recommend some supervision, by a health care provider, periodically while starting a new program.

Hope this helps you start to get back to your balanced state and live symptom free!

In Harmony and Health,

Trupti Gokani

Zira Mind and Body Center
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