Juicing for the Dosha-Cleansing Kapha Drink Along with other Kapha balancing tips for the Season

May 27, 2014  | 

Juice Cleanses, Smoothies…The Ayurvedic Way!

I LOVE the idea of juicing and drinking smoothies.

There is so much misinformation, so let me help you out a bit with this.

As the seasons shift, our bodies need to prepare for the next season by adjusting its internal elements and detoxing from the previous season.

Transition of Seasons and your Health

Moving from cold and dry Vata months and transitioning into the warmer, moister Kapha season can bring on a host of symptoms including allergies, congestion and headaches. In addition, it is during this time we may see the emergence of respiratory symptoms such as coughing and sneezing due to an excess of the Kapha state.  Remember that the word "cough" comes from Kapha. The Kapha dosha, with its earth and water elements as the main features, increases in all of us during this time since the Spring is a more Kapha time of the year.

Kapha Spring

Spring season is known for an increase in moisture in the air, along with warming temperatures. This is the perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. We have found many of our patients having spring allergies that turn into sinus infections.

During this time, we need to be very careful about the foods we consume and the exercise we do. To keep the transition smooth and without symptoms, here are some suggestions.

3 Steps to Keeping your Kapha Dosha in Balance

Step #1 Drink a Kapha Cleansing Drink Daily

Kapha Cleansing drinks are those that have ingredients which are bitter, pungent and/or astringent.

Here is my recipe that is wonderful for the season:

  • ¼ cup Kale, organic if possible (to avoid extra toxins entering the system- this is detox season, so we should try to avoid as many toxins as possible), rich in magnesium
  • ½ teaspoon Sunflower Seeds- These tridoshic (good for each dosha) seeds are rich in Vitamin E and B6 which helps support serotonin production
  • 2 tablespoons freshly ground Flax seeds- This is one of the BEST detoxifiers of the Liver. Helps remove bad estrogens, along with other toxins.
  • * If the drink is too ‘thick’ for you with this, cut down but then sprinkle the unused flax on your cereal, in your soups or salad
  • 5 soaked Walnuts- for their Omega 3s to support the brain
  • ½ Ripe Apple- Good source of fiber
  • Squeeze ½ Lemon- Due to alkaline nature, helps with inflammation
  • ¼ piece of Ginger- Supports digestion, good cleanser
  • Add water (filtered) to a desired amount to create a consistency that is appropriate for you
Juice Cleanse

Step #2 Exercise DAILY. No need to be intense, just move…

The goal with staying in harmony with the Kapha nature is to not let oneself get to "earthy" and heavy. The lymphatics easily become overwhelmed, which then congests the liver.

Exercising, ideally with Kapha Yoga poses (insert link to dosha DVD here) will help reduce the symptoms of congestion, heaviness and/or frontal/sinus headaches you may be experiencing.

Even taking a 10 minute walk, once or twice a day, ideally after meals, will help bring balance into the Kapha state.

Step #3 Drink Tea.

For those who want to start drinking COLD drinks, please do not do this!

Remember that you need to continue to cleanse and detox, which is best done with warm liquids.

Please refer to the CCF Tea Blog

Sipping on a tea cumin, coriander and fennel seeds cleanses and detoxifies the body and mind.  Ideally, this tea is sipped throughout the day, a few sips every 30 minutes, until 4pm.

Trupti Gokani

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