Take this simple quiz to identify your Dosha. Vata, Pitta or Kapha, we'll provide you with product and lifestyle recommendations to support your Dosha type.

1. Choose the description below each question below that best describes you now.
2. Keep in mind certain features, such as your bone structure, will not change over time.
3. Submit your answers to identify your Dosha.

1. My body weight/tendency is:
  Thin, Flexible and/or looses weight easily
Medium, Muscular, and/or weight stays the same
Heavy, gains weight easily
2. My body frame is:
  Small- boned, lean body type, and/or flexible
Medium bone structure, and/or muscular
Large build, solid and big boned
3. My skin is:
  Thin, Dry, Cold, and/or Cracked
Smooth, Oily, Warm and/or Red
Thick, Oily, Cool and/or Pale
4. My eyes/face could be described as:
  Small and/or Dry - Face is Oval
Penetrating and/or Sensitive to Light - Prominent Jaw
Big and/or Long Eyelashes - Face Round
5. You typically have bowel movements that are:
  Often not daily and can skip days and/or have hard stools
2 or more times per day and/or loose, non-formed stools
1-2 times per day and/or normal, formed, soft stools
6. My appetite is:
  Variable hunger- Sometimes ravenous, sometimes not hungry. I tend to skip meals
Strong, Sharp Appetite, Can eat anything and I often need to eat
Dull, Steady appetite. If I skip a meal, it doesn't really bother me.
7. My digestive tendency is:
  Gas and/or Bloating
Burning, Acidity, and/or Reflux
Sluggish and/or Forms Mucous
8. Temperature tolerance - I tend to feel:
  Cold, with cold hands/feet and/or I don't tolerate cold weather; prefer warm drinks
Hot, may even feel flushed; Prefer cool drinks and I don't tolerate hot weather
Worse in cool/damp weather
9. I would be best described as:
  Lively, Enthusiastic, and/or Active; sometimes anxious
Organized, Determined, and/or Impatient; sometimes irritable
Calm, Introspective, and/or Lazy; sometimes depressed
10. With sleep, I have:
  Difficulty falling asleep and/or light and interrupted sleep
No problem falling asleep and sleep an average length. May wake up in the night
No problem sleeping, sleep soundly, and usually have difficulty awakening
11. My attention span is:
  Short attention span and I do not have good focus
Long attention span, with good focus, and I am detail oriented
Long attention span, with good focus, and I am a "big picture" person
12. My decision making is:
  Difficult since my mind vacillates
Quick, sometimes hasty
Slow with time taken to decide
13. My tendency, with symptoms (i.e. pain) or with imbalances in my body (i.e. joint issues), is to have these issues present on the:
  Left side of my head or body
Right side of my head or body
14. My speech can be best described as:
  Rapid and fast. I often talk faster or unclearly if under stress. I tend to speak more than listen.
Direct and clear. I often speak with hastiness or with a sharp tongue under stress.
I can be quiet. I often listen more than speak.
15. During times of season change, barometric pressure or weather change, I often:
  Find myself getting restless and/or excitable.
Find myself feeling irritable and/or heated.
Find myself getting congested and/or lethargic.
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