Comprised of Air and Space Elements: Creating Wind

Think of MOVEMENT. An individual with Vata governance tends to be always moving, going, traveling. These individuals enjoy change. They often skip meals as times they are ravenous and times not hungry at all.

In balance, an individual governed by Vata tends to be vivacious, talkative, quick thinking and active, with a small bone structure and thin body. But, with wind blowing through your body, imbalance can occur. Imbalanced Vata can lead to dry skin, cold hands/feet, restless mind, difficulty focusing and staying on task, neck and body discomfort, ‘band-like’ headaches, adrenal issues, difficulty falling asleep, worried mind and/or constipation. Vata discomfort may have a tendency to be in a specific location of the neck and head. The key is to understand your nature, birth state (Prakriti) and how imbalanced your current state is, known as Vikruti.

You may be a Pitta type at birth (Prakriti), but have been moving and going too much over the last few years, thus developed a Vata imbalance (Vikruti). Vata pacifying herbals, foods and exercise can bring you into balance again.

How Vata Are You?

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